Interview with Jan Marggraff, Managing Partner


Mr. Marggraff, what drove your move from a professional career in finance, one which few people achieve, to a young company beyond the finance world?


Marggraff: "With 2iNNOVATE I am fulfilling a long-cherished lifetime dream. There are so many good ideas and business concepts that deserve to be implemented and made publicly available. "


Were you ever concerned it could go wrong?


Marggraff: "No. I didn't make the decision overnight. 2iNNOVATE is the result of many years of reflection on ways to transform good ideas into real goods and services. In the last few months, before founding 2iNNOVATE I worked intensively with my partners on the 2iNNOVATE concept. We questioned it hundreds of times, changed it and evolved it, even rethinking the whole concept. Today, the business concept of 2iNNOVATE is so stable and dynamically positioned that it will work. "


Do you have employees to help you realise your idea?


Marggraff: "We are looking for a few skillful minds, but there is no hurry. We have a powerful and collaborative management team. In addition, we leverage the resources of our partners.

This is all about scalability. We achieve this by working with our partner companies. 2iNNOVATE could strive for years and it still wouldn't achieve, for example, the market research expertise of rheingold institute or the establishment the width and knowledge of the Steinbeis network. "


How do you manage to win such renowned partners for 2iNNOVATE?


Marggraff: "Our concept is convincing. And it is based on reciprocity. 2iNNOVATE wants to realise ideas. This is only possible if all those involved - from the inventor through partners and experts to investors have a fair share in the success of the idea. Take the example of patent attorneys: too often, the patented inventions are not put into practice because of lack of time, insufficient knowledge or funding. Inventors simply cannot continue working on the implementation. Our affiliated patent attorneys recommend 2iNNOVATE services to inventors and we help them succeed. This extends the capabilities of IP attorneys without having to invest themselves. In return, attractive repeat business for extension patenting and international licensing will be generated. A classic win-win-win situation for inventors, patent attorneys and 2iNNOVATE!

Similar Win-Wins are available for all our partners. I am very proud of the many partners who are already enthusiastic about our concept. And I am convinced there are still many to come. "


What are the next steps for 2-Innovate?


Marggraff: "With 2iNNOVATE we combine ideas, know-how and money in an intelligent manner to realise good ideas. We are currently expanding our cooperation with patent attorneys. This is to ensure a continuous supply of ideas, the fuel for 2iNNOVATE. We are working on numerous other collaborations to place our concept on a solid and scalable foundation. Initial projects have entered the selection process in the beta phase and the first investments are in. Once this phase has been successfully completed, we turn on the tap to let hundreds of ideas enter our selection and refinement process. The most successful ideas will be lead to success by 2iNNOVATE and its partners. "