Our projects: Versatile investment opportunities


Finding good investments is not an easy task. The analysis requires comprehensive know-how in various fields of technology, economics, and law, to name just a few. And often you can see the best investment opportunities too late or not at all.


This is where 2iNNOVATE helps: Our Partners - all renowned international companies - help identifying good ideas at a very early stage and then select the best out of them. Jointly we develop and refine ideas, equip them with an international patent protection and prepare them for international marketing.


This results in robust international patents that are sold by professionals worldwide. With 2iNNOVATE you have the option to participate in the economic development of these patents as the very first investor.


Due to the early stage of development, we cannot publish current projects to a wider audience. Register here as an investor in 2iNNOVATE and get early access to a whole new asset class.

"Money has no ideas. Only ideas make money."

                                                                                   Jacques Séguéla, France


Pool projects enter the selection phase. Patentability, (if available) IP protection and freedom-to-operate are examined by specialist lawyers. Our technology partners review the suitability, feasibility and quality of the idea. Together with an assessment of the market and competitors, a business case is created.

Investors have the option to acquire a pool of patents or ideas at this stage. They finance all stages of Phase 1 and secure at an early stage a substantial participation in future revenues, whether from licenses or start-ups businesses.


The best projects enter our refinement stage. In addition to a comprehensive patenting, including extensions and potentially regional patents, our partners produce a prototype for marketing purposes. The technical configuration is confirmed and completed as part of a proof-of-concept process. A professional market survey by our marketing partner determines the sales potential.

As lead investor you opt for a selected and objectively allotted portfolio of inventions that have passed the first phase successfully. Their fundamental technical feasibility, IP protection and market potential are confirmed by selected experts and partners. 

Your investment is the basis for the development to market readiness and the subsequent licensing and worldwide distribution. It secures at an early stage the participation in potential future revenues of a highly-selected universe of ideas. With your investment at this stage, you also safeguard preferential treatment with a first-right-of-refusal for financing the start-up company in phase 3.


A portion of all completed projects will be sold as licenses to companies that can generate the greatest possible economic benefit from the innovation. For the successful implementation of other projects 2iNNOVATE establishes start-up companies and accompanies these together with many partners throughout their lifecycle.

Phase 3 represents two different, sometimes co-existent ways of participating in the economic development of patents:

  • Investors finance an intensified global distribution of patents in our core markets North America, Asia (mainly China, Japan and Korea) and Europe in case of particularly promising ideas.
  • Typical buiness angels invest into start-ups. Investors usually are experienced venture investors. As opposed to many other start-ups investors have three strong advantages: There are already two investors (groups) on board and 2iNNOVATE and partners have confirmed the success potential of the idea. Moreover, typically the companies become owners of patent(s) and usually receive license fees from other regions. A basic financial liquidity is secured.


Successful companies want to grow. The required know-how, capital, contacts and the conceptual elaboration of the growth strategy is part of the cooperation with 2iNNOVATE.

If you want to invest in the growth of successful start-ups that have gone through the process of initial investment and establishing, then this is your chance. Apart from financing next-level growth 2iNNOVATE looks for active investors that can help accessing resources and establishing  partnerships. 2iNNOVATE is looking for experienced investors and ambitioned entrepreneurs for the financing of growth in Germany and abroad.

Investors can also purchase combined bundels of ideas over the respective phases, ie for example, Phase 1 and Phase 2 together.


Are you interested in investment opportunities of a broadly diversified portfolio of IP? Do you want to help new companies grow?

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