Our projects: Versatile investment opportunities

"The man with a new idea is a Crank until the idea succeeds."

                                                                                         Mark Twain, US writer 1835-1919

You have a good idea and are looking for an experienced partner who can help realizing it?


2iNNOVATE is there to help you:

Have your idea checked by more than 6.000 experts.

A special expertes hub founded by the Steinbeis foundation solely for the cooperation with 2iNNOVATE provides access to German know-how carriers across all industries. Trust and protection of your intellectual property are a matter of course, which is supported by diligent contractual agreements.

Let renowned patent attorneys review your IP protection with the aim to have it patented internationally.

We cooperate with Meissner Bolte and partners to achieve this and 2iNNOVATE maintains a strong network with many other regional patent attorneys. This is the basis for the worldwide protection and marketing of your idea.

International partners market your idea as licenses worldwide. An own company for your idea may be founded.

No one can know relevant companies and decision makers in all markets worldwide. Therefore 2iNNOVATE relies on an international cooperation network of professionals in licensing.

Find suitable investors for the development and international distribution of your idea.

Quite often even a national patent application is a first big and costly step for inventors. An international patenting and marketing strategy is utopia for most inventors - not least for financial reasons. 2iNNOVATE finds investors for you.

In short: You have the idea, we can help leading it to worldwide success. All this at no additional cost and efforts for inventors.



2iNNOVATE focusses on ideas with IP protection. For this reason, we currently only analyze ideas which are or can be protected by patent laws. Formal minimum requirements to ideas can be found here. Aiming to secure a high quality of ideas we expect that your invention is presented to us after they have been reviewed by a patent attorney, universities or companies within our cooperation network. Direct "applications" currently are not considered. If you are not sure whether your idea is worth protecting and suitable for 2iNNOVATE, contact your patent attorney. If your attorney cannot help, do not hesitate to contact us. We can recommend lawyers from our network.