Our company

Patented inventions are often not put into practice due to lack of time, knowledge or financing. Great ideas get lost. Commercialisation fails too often. To change this is our mission.


Germany leads globally by number of patents, behind only Japan, China, the US and South Korea. But if we consider the number of business start-ups Germany is in the lower ranks both in absolute number and relative to its population. Bureaucracy, risk aversion and low tolerance of business failure are difficult conditions for inventions and inventors.


Can we afford to stay that way? We do not think so. While governments give speeches and conjure up innovation, we tackle the problem.


Innovative inventors and strong sourcing partners continuously deliver ideas, the fuel for 2iNNOVATE. A sophisticated investment process ensures a good selection, comprehensive IP protection and an experienced team of founders. Ideas are realised by licensing use rights or by founding a separate company. It has never been easier to take advantage of the best ideas.


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