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There are plenty of opportunities to support 2iNNOVATE. If you want to participate in the development of 2iNNOVATE, visit us here. You are a patent attorney and you want to support your client’s ideas beyond IP? Follow this link to the registration.

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2 iNNOVATE GmbH founded



In August 2015, 2iNNOVATE GmbH went live. Our company is a unique service provider which covers the entire value chain required to make innovative ideas successful: deal sourcing, selection, refinement and eventually the financing and marketing of ideas.

2iNNOVATE cooperates with renowned partners aiming to turn ideas and patents into successful businesses and licenses. Only projects meeting our high quality criteria will successfully pass the initial SELECT. Process.Investors and business angels can offer manpower, knowledge and financial resources at the various stages of development.

Additional 2iPARTNERS



Since our foundation we managed to close partnerships with additional companies.


Meissner Bolte is one of the leading IP law firms in Germany. Our new partner will support in selecting and developing incoming ideas from an IP perspective. The firm will also advise promising patent registrations and their innovators to contact with 2iNNOVATE to bring their ideas and patents to a successful live.


Klug & Engelhard GmbH, a well-established accounting and auditing company will manage 2iNNOVATE’s financial matters and support the review of businesses and processes.

Interview: Jan Marggraff, Managing Partner


The former member of the executive board of a big bank in Germany talks about his move to 2iNNOVATE: “With the foundation of 2iNNOVATE I have realised a life-long dream. I have seen lots of great ideas and concepts, many of which simply need professional refinement and implementation to be successful. 2iNNOVATE matches ideas with know-how and investment in an intelligent and systematic way. Our focus always is on the idea and the best way to realise it.

I am very proud that so many renowned partners have been so quick to sign up to 2iNNOVATE. Click here for full article.

in Action


How to find the most interesting ideas in Germany, Europe and around the world? 2iNNOVATE cooperates with patent attorneys, universities, companies and individual innovators. If you also an idea that needs support contact us!


Are all interesting ideas also good ideas? Is there a way to protect the IP? Can ideas be realized technically, and how? Is there a potential market for selling an idea? What is the business case? These and many more questions are answered by 2iNNOVATE and its partners.


Innovators, investors, partners and 2iNNOVATE have one common goal: to maximise the economic potential and success of an idea. We objectively select the most promising means of implementation – founding a company or licensing the patent. And we will share our economic success through donations to charitable projects and organisations.

Our Partners

Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of technology know-how and transfer. 

Steinbeis builds bridges between potent knowledge and successful application.


Cooperation with 2iNNOVATE

Steinbeis analyses the feasibility of ideas – from both technical and financial perspectives. Their expert knowledge is also used to refine ideas prior to go-live.

As one of Germany’s leading boutique IP law firms, MBP provide advice on all areas of intellectual property protection – patent, trademark, design and know-how from the initial filing of an application through prosecution procedure to enforcement by litigation.


Cooperation with 2iNNOVATE

MBP analyses whether ideas are patentable as well as the quality of patents and applications. Existing ideas are refined with a comprehensive (set of) patent(s).

Newmark is a public relations consultancy for financial services companies. The main focus is on corporate communication, public affairs and marketing services.





Cooperation with 2iNNOVATE

Newmark advises on business strategy, marketing, communication and distribution.

Klug & Engelhard is a well-established auditor, tax consultancy and business advisory company. It has more than 40 years of experience in working with SMEs and municipalities.


Cooperation with 2iNNOVATE

Klug & Engelhard administers and audits all financial, tax and business process-related issues. 

rheingold conducts research globally and provides an in-depth understanding of markets, products, brands, advertising and media.


Cooperation with 2iNNOVATE

rheingold assures we ask appropriate questions when analysing the market potential of an idea. They conduct a qualitative analysis to refine the design of final products.

Is your company absent from this website?

Can you contribute to the success of 2iNNOVATE? Do you have an idea or a patent that needs support to go live? Are you a renowned company in IP, technology, marketing or distribution? Learn more about 2iNNOVATE and opportunities to collaborate with us here, or contact us via info@2-innovate.com.